About Company:

Afrimash is an enterprise that is dedicated to the marketing of agricultural products relevant and useful in Nigeria and Africa. We are working towards building a very valuable, sustainable, and profitable organization that provides premium value to customers via the contribution of a talented workforce who enjoy providing quality service to customers.

We are growing very fast, and we need your input too!

We work with a set of very important core values that determine who we allow on our team. We treasure –

  • Prioritization
  • Excellence
  • Speed
  • Integrity (honesty, reliability)
  • Self-leadership (follow-through, sacrificial)
  • Innovation (doing things in a better way, differently)
  • Continuous improvement

We improve the livelihood of people in Nigeria and Africa by taking care of what matters the most—the food they eat and the people who produce the food. If this matters to you also, and you would like to work with our wonderful team to achieve this, then shoot us an application.

We can’t wait to have you on our team.