About Company:

At TestGorilla, we envision a worldwhere everyone has their dream job. To achieve this, employers and employeesneed to have the right information about each other. 

We started in2020 by building a screening platform that enables employers to evaluatecandidates in the skills that matter most for success in a role. Our productreplaces subjective, incomplete, and often inflated CVs with objective,reliable, and fair test results measuring aptitude, practical job skills,motivation, and culture add.

Improving andexpanding this platform is currently our core focus, but it’s only thebeginning of our journey to get everyone their dream job. Over time, we willlaunch more products that support this mission.

We haveprocured $70m in Series A funding fromthe venture-capital firms Atomico and Balderton Capital, and our growth is ontarget to continue exponentially. Chances are you’re familiar with some of ourbiggest customers, like Sony, PepsiCo, H&M, Deloitte, Bain & Company,Oracle, Revolut, and the UK’s National Health Service.

We workremotely, spread across the Americas, Europe, Asia, and Africa.